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From project inception to successful implementation, our IT consultancy guides you through every stage, delivering expert strategies and transformative results.

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By clearly defining the project scope and managing it effectively, IT consultants can set realistic expectations, minimize risks, and deliver successful outcomes for their clients.

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We offer cutting-edge innovations and sophisticated solutions that propel industries forward, enabling greater efficiency and enhanced capabilities


With meticulous planning and precise execution, our IT project deployment ensures a seamless transition, unlocking the full potential of technology to drive efficiency, productivity, and success for your business.

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We offer exceptional experience, characterized by reliability, expertise, responsiveness, and a genuine commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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What we offer

  • Network Management

    Edge Network provides comprehensive outsourced management of the continually evolving IT technology necessary for the success of your business. We support and manage every aspect of your network, providing a secure environment via firewall management, Virtual Private Network and carry out full monitoring and reporting. Edge Network offers the following service: ... More

  • Voice Over IP

    Our VoIP consultants can help your business evaluate communication needs and determine if VoIP technology is the right solution for you. We offer planning, design,implementation and maintenance of a new or existing VoIP PBX system. Our Edge engineers have a vast experience with Cisco Call Manager, NETGEAR, Avaya, Freeswitch, HP and many PBX technologies ready to he... More

  • Software Development

    Edge software development process typically involves several stages, including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, and maintenance. During the requirements gathering stage, developers work with our clients to identify what the software should do and what features it should have. The design stage involves creating a plan for how the software w... More

  • Server Management (Virtualize)

    Server management is critical to ensuring the reliability, security, and availability of an organization's IT infrastructure. Keep your servers safe, secure and running efficiently with us. Whether through server maintenance, troubleshooting or resolving server issues, Edge Network team can manage, optimize, update and protect your server environments. We ... More

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Edge Networks highest priority is to be your company's guide through the challenge. The existence and growth of our company are deeply rooted in our sincere desire to guide and empower our customers. We analyze, customize and offer targeted advice regarding your toughest IT challenges. In sho ...
Businesses of tomorrow need to be built on balanced foundations: Empathy and pragmatism; foresight and insight; humanity and technology. At Edge Network, we treat organizations as partners, with a strong focus on collaboration. Regardless of size, many organizations may not have the technical skills ...
Edge Network beginning dates back to 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta as a way for CEO Omar Mirza to conduct basic consulting work with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Since then the company has grown to have a team with broad range of experience and an extensive client base. Over the few ...

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